What is 10K-A-Day™?

10K-A-Day is an inspiring 10,000 steps-a-day journey designed to help participants move more and have fun as they visit fascinating places along virtual routes. Wearing a step counter and tracking steps online, they’ll boost energy and improve health — enjoying the benefits of an active lifestyle.

How does it work?

After putting on a tracking device in the morning and recording steps at day’s end, participants can watch their progress on one of the international routes — from snow-capped mountains and coastline beaches to ancient castles and dense forests. With exciting photos and vivid descriptions, they’ll feel like they’re actually there.

Who can participate?

Everyone. Whether participants are just starting out or avid exercisers, the instant feedback and positive reinforcement will motivate them to step up activity on a journey to better health.

What is the team competition?

The optional team competition is a friendly challenge that emphasizes consistency — the group that averages the highest daily points (1000 steps = 1 point) plus 10K-A-Day tokens (10,000 or more steps/day = a token) wins. This powerful feature gets participants fired up to contribute to their team’s success, while offering support, camaraderie, and fun.

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