The Fantastic 4 of Wellness


The superhero movies proliferating recently got us thinking about otherworldly attributes of some superhuman wellness folks we’ve known over the years, including:

  • Hearing what no one else can hear. How do they do it? By eschewing yet another corporate survey and instead walking around the factory floors and offices, talking to people in the trenches and really listening to what’s on their minds. Here’s a hint: It’s not their LDL number.
  • Being in the room, even when they’re not in the room. Exceptional wellness managers lay the groundwork for support up and down the organization by recruiting champions from all levels and giving them a stake in the outcome of population health.
  • Leaping tall piles of data in a single bound. They collect all the key metrics and have the charts in their back pocket, but they cut through the eye-glazing spreadsheets with extreme clarity by tying the endless columns of numbers to real people. “You can see the average time a worker exercised went up a full day in 2013, but I want to tell you about what this really means to John Smith and his family…”
  • Knocking down walls and eliminating silos. They do this first by helping out wherever their superhuman skills are needed. They never say “that’s not my job”; they find a way to make wellness everyone’s job.


Dean WitherspoonDean Witherspoon
Chief collaborator, nudger, tinkerer; leads the most inventive team creating well-being and sustainable living programs. Reach out if you’d like to talk about employee well-being, emotional fitness, or eco-friendly living.

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