Group of people giving thumbs up, giving recognition

How to Get the Recognition You Deserve

While a back slap isn’t the reason you went into wellness in the first place, it sure is nice to be recognized for your hard work and accomplishments from time to time. Ironically, often the more you seek praise the more elusive it seems to be. So rather than jump up and down and say look at me, here are easy ways to have kudos coming your way:

  • Shine the light on others. Whether it’s a participant or colleague, providing sincere public acknowledgment of their contribution, accomplishment, milestone, or other significant event reflects positively on you. In most instances, the farther you stay in the background the more you come to the forefront.
  • Raise the visibility of those around you. Whether you’re a manager or leading a short-term project, make sure to credit each team member’s contribution. Whenever possible, give others the stage so they have a turn at being front and center. Again, step back to be out front.
  • Talk to your boss about exceptional commitment of specific team members and advocate for their recognition and awards. Bosses may like being benevolent but don’t always have the time or direct access to what’s going on in the trenches. If you make that part of their job easier, it reflects positively on you.
  • Savor your victories. Ultimately, you know better than anyone the effort you gave and the results you produced. So take time each week to reflect on your efforts and bask in the intrinsic reward of a job well done.

Our politicians have raised self-aggrandizement to dizzying levels. And while it may appear to work for some of them, for us normal folks it’s more satisfying to let the light from others reflect on us rather than turn the spotlight on ourselves.


Dean WitherspoonDean Witherspoon
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