Communication Makes the Difference Between Thriving and Failing Wellness Programs, Explains New Ebook

Health Enhancement Systems (HES), world leader in workplace wellness challenges, recently released the free ebook Now We’re Talking! to help wellness practitioners transform programs and reduce workload through a robust communication strategy.

This resource focuses on a broad spectrum of communication topics including:

workplace wellness communication ebook

Wellness Communication Ebook

·      Program promotion

·      Social media marketing

·      Ongoing updates and reporting

·      Branding

·      Inbound marketing

·      Word-of-mouth

·      Event marketing

·      Champion mobilization

·      Program “sales.”

“We see so many fantastic wellness programs out there — with the well-being services and support employees need. Some have high participation rates and see great success. Others struggle to fulfill their potential,” explains Dean Witherspoon, HES CEO and founder. “This ebook does an excellent job of spelling out how communication can turn a failing program around or add value to one that’s already thriving.”

Now We’re Talking! shares proven communication tips to deepen both understanding and skill. And instead of adding to the laundry list of tasks, the tools in this ebook put strategy and tactics to work for the practitioner.

“At HES, we see coordinators implementing wellness initiatives every day. There’s a stark difference between the success of programs that follow well-executed communication strategies and those that figure it out as they go,” notes Witherspoon.

Bob Merberg, author of Now We’re Talking!, is a leader in workplace wellness with broad experience developing and managing well-being programs. Merberg is currently principal at Jozito LLC, where he provides custom well-being and communication consulting. His work is recognized nationally: The National Business Group on Health (NBGH) named Merberg sole recipient of its Special Recognition Award for Program Communication, citing his “innovative, technology-driven campaigns resulting in high employee engagement and continual support for a culture of health.” NBGH also honored Bob’s overall wellness program 7 times with its Best Employer for Healthy Lifestyles award.

Together, HES and Merberg bring more than 50 years in refining well-being initiatives. The advice throughout this ebook is based on experience and research, verified across countless wellness programs.

“No matter how an employer chooses to address employee wellness, the importance of an all-out communication strategy is universal,” confirms Merberg. “I offer practical tips that can help any leader — whether they’re launching a new employee wellness project or taking an existing program from good to great — achieve a surge in engagement. The result: positioning wellness as a defining feature of their workplace.”

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