HES Seeks Volunteers to Test New Online Wellness Program Engagement Tool, Elevate

Health Enhancement Systems (HES), world leader in workplace wellness challenges, offers the chance to test Elevate — an easy-to-implement online tool to help wellness coordinators increase awareness and boost participation in all of their organization’s well-being activities. The 3-week pilot is open to the public: June 3-21.

“Wellness managers are always looking for ideas to promote their initiatives and increase well-being in the periods between wellness challenges,” notes Dean Witherspoon, HES CEO and founder. “That’s why we created Elevate. It’s a single place to cross-promote activities and connect to best-in-class offerings while participants track and engage in their wellness journey year-round.”

Elevate allows wellness professionals to seamlessly promote and link to programs they develop in-house plus industry-leading services of favorite vendor partners, elegantly executing the best of both worlds. It also comes bundled with 1-2 HES well-being challenges each year. In addition, ongoing resources between challenges include:

Wellness program pilot

              FREE 3-WEEK Pilot: June 3-21

·      Physical activity tracking

·      Daily well-being tips

·      250+ delicious, healthy recipes

·      Peer-to-peer challenges and buddy feature

·      Interactive message board

·      Goal-setting feature, and more.

“It isn’t a platform and doesn’t intend to be all things to everyone,” explains Witherspoon. “Elevate is a simple, flexible online tool for cross-promotion of wellness activities and continuous participant engagement.”

Pilot participants have the opportunity to shape its early phases by providing feedback throughout the 3-week pilot. Each week, users will learn how Elevate functions differently during a wellness challenge registration, a live challenge, and when there’s no live challenge or registration. HES encourages participants to invite coworkers, friends, and family to join and contribute improvement ideas to polish the user experience.

“We seek evaluations from wellness managers who will implement the tool as well as the public because it’s vital that we solve any coordinator problems and hit the mark with users,” emphasizes Witherspoon. “Elevate has the potential to influence wellness programs across the country for the better, and we want to make sure the final execution is flawless.”

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For more information about this valuable tool, visit HESonline.com or call 800.326.2317.