Corporate Wellness Campaign is like a Political Campaign

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, the soon-to-come fall election holds several ideas for strengthening your wellness program:

  • Change for the good. When times aren’t as good as they have been, the “change” message resonates with just about everyone.
  • Keep it positive. Negativity may be rampant in some political campaigns, but your message should always be about the possibilities — what improved health can do for all of us, not the perils of poor health.
  • Get the easy votes. Health promoters sometimes obsess over reaching the hard to reach… to the detriment of reaching the easy to reach. Establish a strong base by designing and marketing your services first to those most likely to participate — keeping healthy people healthy.
  • Grease the skids. The easiest way to engender support is to thank people for participating.
  • Get your message out. Health promoters have a tendency to believe that sharing their vision once or twice means the population they serve actually knows it. That’s not true. Decide your main message and repeat it often.
  • Prepare for the debate. Share regular or annual presentations/reports on your program’s success — and prepare, just like the candidates. Do your homework, have the facts and figures at your fingertips, anticipate the inevitable naysayer (the person in the audience who’s just looking for a chink in your armor), and practice. You want to be as confident in your delivery as you are in your record of achievement.

For more on this topic read our white paper:
Keeping Healthy People Healthy — The Business Case.

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