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Q: When’s the best time to promote participation for a new service or an enhanced version of today’s service?

A: As soon as the participant commits to your current offer.

Wellness managers are sometimes reluctant to push participation beyond what’s offered this month or what a client commits to at first, for fear they may not want the next product or service. On the other hand, they might… and there’s no risk in asking for commitment now — if they decline, you can ask them again next month or after they experience some success with the current service.

Some reasons to upsell:

  • Participants are most open to additional services when they’ve made a fresh commitment
  • It’s a lot more efficient to promote to a current participant than to a former participant
  • The added commitment can deepen resolve and help the participant achieve greater success in the short term
  • It can help you determine interest in a new idea as well as plan for future resources.

Plan your programs and promotions to piggyback each other, creating natural opportunities to upsell. For example, if you’re implementing Walktober, follow it with a 2-month program called Walk Into Winter and give a discount to Walktober participants who sign up before the end of October.

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