12 Ways to Delight Wellness Participants -- Image.

Happy workplace wellness participants are repeat participants. Some ways to delight them:

  • Treat long-time participants as prospective participants
  • View them as partners — working with you toward a common goal
  • Invite complaints instead of waiting for them
  • Reward constructive criticism by going beyond resolving the problem and rewarding feedback
  • Role-play complaints that could come in so you’re prepared if they do
  • Ask other service groups in your organization to critique your participant satisfaction approach
  • Contact participants a month after their initial involvement to thank them for participating and ask if there’s anything you can do to help with their health and fitness goals
  • Maintain a participant interest database and forward pertinent articles, titles of new books, names of new participants with similar interests, etc., as they come across your desk
  • Issue a 1-year warranty or money-back guarantee with your services, then contact participants at 11 months as a reminder of your commitment and ask if there’s anything you can do to assist them
  • Surprise new participants with a valuable, free service a few weeks after their initial involvement
  • Help participants connect with each other in person through lunchtime walking groups, book clubs, produce-based potlucks, and more — social connections make everything more fun
  • Encourage participants to submit brief success stories and photos to feature in a central location like a break room, internal blog, or e-news; people love seeing themselves in print, and others are inspired by seeing what’s possible.

Participants are your raison d’être for workplace wellness campaigns; make their day, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Best of all, they’ll create a buzz about how terrific your program is… and urge coworkers to join in the fun.

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