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When Employees Feel the Love, Good Things Happen

I am thankful for an employer who cares for their employees by offering such a wonderful program. — G.G.

How would you like to see feedback like this after your next employee well-being campaign?

In our always-tethered-to-work culture, a lot of people are deciding they’ve had enough… and are questioning workplace conditions that cause health and quality of life to suffer. They want more satisfaction from their careers, more joy in their lives, and to feel their best more often.

Workers and job seekers alike look for evidence that employers see and care for them as people vs. cogs in a machine. Studies show that providing a psychologically healthy workplace improves recruitment, retention, and performance. A well thought out, comprehensive workplace well-being program is another powerful clue that tells workers and candidates they’re valued; more and more, these offerings are a vital part of a healthy work environment and an appealing total rewards package.

When workers ready to eat healthier or make exercise a priority encounter a great workplace wellness campaign that supports their efforts, lives change. We hear about it all the time… from participants who feel better than they have in years, who’ve lost weight and kept it off or completed their first 10K, to those who can finally play backyard soccer with their kids or grandchildren. They enjoy a better quality of life and express gratitude to their employers for offering programs and services that support a healthy lifestyle.

When you treat employees well and show them you care, odds are they’ll come to work ready to do their best; they’ll also tell everyone they know about the terrific company they work for.

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