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Happiness Is… Being Self-Sufficient

Along with having a big life outside work, we notice the happiest well-being managers don’t have their whole identity wrapped up in their job. They show a quiet confidence to make it, no matter what comes their way. Some suggestions to boost your self-sufficiency:

  • Gift list. Make a list of things you'd take with you if you lost your job — unique skills, experiences, achievements, contacts, training, friendships.
  • Self-employment mind-set. Think of your career as working for yourself, not someone else — sell your services to the organization that deserves you.
  • Not in your job description. Job descriptions are useful for hiring, nothing more. Develop a reputation for seeking assignments and difficult challenges outside your area of responsibility.
  • 4 hours a week. Invest 4 hours a week to enhancing your career, improving your skills, increasing your value.
  • Network. Build a network by doing favors, volunteering, serving on committees, etc.
  • Being expendable. Keep this in mind so you’re prepared to land on your feet if it happens to you.

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