June 05, 2013

Wellness Solutions

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It’s not surprising the Rand report saying, essentially, workplace wellness doesn’t work reached that conclusion. What is surprising is how swiftly it was pulled from their website — and then reposted, presumably after an outcry from conspiracy nuts.

It’s unlikely the report will have any significant impact on workplace wellness, particularly since the Affordable Care Act is set to swing into full gear in just 6 months. The law makes wellness participation almost mandatory, or alternatively, nonparticipation punitive. It’s unfortunate. The Act’s wellness provisions were sold on the idea of a positive ROI for workplace wellness — a notion that was wishful thinking or sloppy science at best and hucksterism at worst.

We are fortunate to interact with hundreds of wellness managers every year, and those with a long-lasting, vibrant program seem to share traits.

  • Excellent communicators. Many appear to come by it naturally, but some have to work hard at being comfortable in front of a group, particularly when that group includes top managers.
  • Generous in exchanging knowledge and expertise. Great wellness leaders are gifted teachers, and they actively seek opportunities to share as a way to strengthen their program and advance their cause.

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