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We make our living selling wellness campaigns. And lots of our referrals come through wellness consultants/vendors. So it’s not without reservation that we advise our customers and prospects to do their own homework. What if another vendor has a newer, shinier whatchamacallit that we don’t? What if they do choose another service provider? What if they love that provider and never come back?

If you’re a vendor and such questions keep you up at night, you’ve bigger problems than these. If you’re a buyer, relying solely on what your current vendor partners and consultants are saying, you may get lucky. But there’s a good chance you’re missing out on significant opportunity; here’s why:

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This personalized email will raise signups in the first quarter — get it out to all of this year’s participants in early January:

Dear (name),

Just a quick note of appreciation for participating in XYZ wellness program last year. I hope you’re continuing to achieve your well-being goals.

As we begin the new year, I’d like to invite you to help us do a better job of meeting your needs. If you have suggestions for improving our programs/services or anything we can do to support your healthy lifestyle, please call me.

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A small minority of political pollsters and pundits predicted Donald Trump would win the presidential election. Even some right-leaning commentators suggested a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton. And then, the election happened…

I’ve been studying, writing about, and creating products for workplace wellness since 1992. And if the 2016 election taught me nothing else, it showed me I don’t know anything about anything. So I’m doing some serious reflection on positions I’ve held firmly for the last quarter century.

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Those words sting just a little bit. But the wellness director for a 5000-employee company — participating on a recent panel discussion in Washington DC — meant it. Sitting in the back of the conference hall, my mood alternated between anger at shady colleagues and frustration with wellness service consultants and buyers.

Vendors Need to Clean Up Their Act

Just as with presidential politics, some characters spin data, misrepresent facts, take situations out of context, and lie outright if they think the truthful alternative is less favorable to them in the moment. While not stated, some hide behind the excuse that everyone is doing it, so we have to make unsubstantiated claims or we’ll be left behind.