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Maybe you’re the problem.

When you consider the current well-being mantra — all about trusting, supportive environments — it’s ironic how many wellness folks we meet with a basic mistrust of colleagues. If you’re among them, and convinced it’s not your problem but theirs, maybe it’s time for closer examination of how you’re going about your business. Start by asking a few questions:

  • Are you sending mixed signals? Nothing frustrates coworkers more than conflicting information from Monday to Tuesday. Consistency in objectives, plans, and messages has a grounding effect that allows your colleagues to work from a solid foundation and feel like they’re contributing to something meaningful. That doesn’t mean you can never change direction. It simply means that when you do, you go to great lengths to communicate why — well before the ground shifts.
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One of the most effective tools for well-being pros is the testimonial. No matter the subject or the setting, if you can share success of others, you’ll have an easier time convincing prospects to get involved. Here are some winning testimonial techniques:

  • Give full identification. Once you get permission, include first and last name, work location, and any other pertinent details. This accomplishes 2 things: It legitimizes the quote and it creates a connection — even if the prospect doesn’t know the person, they may know the place, or someone who used to work there. The closer the connection the better, but any connection is valuable.
  • Err on the side of too many. The more testimonials you have the better the chance your prospect will connect with at least one.
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Employee walking initiatives as outlined by the Surgeon General lead to better health.

Has Surgeon General Vivek Murthy’s call to action on walking inspired you to launch or expand a workplace walking initiative? We hope so; at Health Enhancement Systems, we’ve long promoted walking as an easy, fun, inexpensive, and effective way to boost quality of life.

If you’re a wellness professional, you know that helping people adopt even a simple form of physical activity is easier said than done. Why? Because even those who want to start walking — or wheelchair rolling — for fitness often encounter practical or personal barriers.

Use these tips to address common concerns; then help more people get up, get out, and move… for good.

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Editor’s note: This isn’t an endorsement or denouncement of Donald Trump; please, no hate mail.

If you’re following campaigns for the Presidential primaries, chances are you’ve a strong opinion on one or more candidates. Regardless of your views, there are lessons to be learned from poll-leading Republican, The Donald:

  • Make a grand entrance. Late-night mockery notwithstanding, can you recall a single other candidate’s presidential campaign announcement this year? Wellness needs a bit more spectacle and not just another quarterly email announcement or web posting.