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As you gear up for fall wellness campaigns and other activities, take a moment to reflect on the first half of the year and look forward to what’s ahead. The future is bright for wellness professionals who are ready to lead. Some suggestions:

  • Don’t sit back. Action, even if it’s off course, at least gets you moving. If you wait for the perfect time to move you’ll be left behind.
  • Embrace risk. It’s the only way to achieve a breakthrough.
  • Volunteer. It doesn’t matter what you give your time to — it’s one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.
  • Seek satisfaction. If you dread work each day, it’s time to move on.
by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

At Health Enhancement Systems, we refer to our products as wellness campaigns, but often get lumped into the same wellness “challenges” pile with other vendors. The distinction is more than semantics.

Challenges as they’re practiced today are simple models where participants do something like record steps, then get points and/or badges. The activity gets graphed over time, and users can compare their progress to others on individual or team leaderboards. Various iterations of the model allow peer-to-peer and coordinator challenges that can change from week to week.

It’s an approach that’s a mile wide but an inch deep. You can generate an almost endless array of challenges. But without significant rewards — gift cards, premium discounts, and/or cash incentives (which don’t change long-term behaviors) — all but the already active, healthy, driven participants lose interest within a few weeks.

by Dean Witherspoon   Dean's profile on LinkedIn  

Autumn is an ideal time to implement a walking campaign. Temperatures are invigorating and the colors are spectacular. Vacations are over and the holidays haven’t quite arrived, making it the perfect time to get people into a regular walking routine that will carry them right through winter. Some creative ideas from our Walktober campaign:

  • Pumpkin Pageant — Hold a pumpkin carving or painting contest, with program registration at the contest site. The individual or team with the best design wins fun fall prizes like a t-shirt or sweatshirt.
  • Rake ’Em In — Have staff members wear autumn colors and pins that say “Ask me how to register for Walktober!”
by Beth Shepard   Beth's profile on LinkedIn  

Help Employees Sit Less

Jerome is feeling the heat; a big project is due this week, and he’s not sleeping well. He hasn’t been himself since recovering from an illness a few months ago, and drags through most days feeling exhausted. His family and job have always been top priorities, but he hasn’t been enthusiastic about either lately. Feeling stuck, Jerome keeps going through the motions at work and at home, hoping things will eventually get better.