The Health for the Holidays Story

by Dean Witherspoon

For years our account managers have been saying: Dean — we need a holiday-themed campaign! I knew they were right, but there was always one more non-seasonal campaign to build, one more travel-themed adventure to create, one more sport-inspired challenge to launch, and one more custom-designed program to invent for our best clients.

But the runaway success of both Walktober and Spring Into Motion in recent years was just too much to ignore anymore. So 2 years ago we started the process… outlining a theme, creating the story, developing the visuals, identifying graphics/design, and researching the content.

What we’ve come up with is different, in many ways, than anything we’ve done before, but also built on the solid principles of wellness campaign design we’ve honed over the years. It combines new game techniques involving fun animation driven by participant accomplishments — plus social components that make giving and getting support part of the enormous fun of this whimsical program.

Your participants will be asking coworkers about their progress every day — How big is your snow drift? Did you get the polar bear to skate across the ice?!, Did you see the baby come out from behind the mom and dad penguin? They’ll be talking, and comparing, and supporting, and giggling a little bit, too.

And although Health for the Holidays is fun, it’s grounded in the serious science of health behavior change. Your participants will learn and practice well-being behaviors to boost energy and vitality, enhance resilience, and strengthen feelings of joy and hope — while reinforcing confidence in their own ability to achieve goals at work and home.

So if you’re looking for a little fun and a great way to boost participation in your wellness program, while ending the year on a healthy high note, take a closer look at Health for the Holidays today.