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    Refresh Mind and Body

    Renew is a program to reinvigorate and refresh. It offers strategies for all aspects of well-being — physical, mental, social, and emotional.

    Participants complete activities (up to 2/day) that mean the most to them (30 to choose from) in 4 interest areas:

    Participants can personalize their experience, focusing on the Renew activities most relevant and inspiring to them.

    Renew mobile activities
    30 activities

    With 30 activities to choose from participants never run out of ways to renew and refresh.

    The daily ritual of logging activities to reveal serene imagery is grounding and centering, while daily tips and recipes offer fun variety.

    social support

    Participants give and receive support from a wider community through the message board feature or participate with a buddy in an optional Duo challenge.

    Solutions for Corporations, Health Plans, Health Systems, Nonprofits, and Membership Organizations

    Research underscores the importance of integrating physical/mental/emotional health-nurturing habits into daily routines:

    • Emotional well-being enhances motivation, creativity, and relationships while reducing absenteeism and turnover1
    • Nourishing connections reduce stress and help us live longer, more fulfilling lives2
    • Purpose enriches career/life satisfaction and well-being.3

    1Tenney, Elizabeth R., Jared M. Poole, and Ed Diener. “Does Positivity Enhance Work Performance? Why, When, and What We Don’t Know.” Research in Organizational Behavior 36, 2016: 27-46

    2Holt-Lunstad J, The Potential Public Health Relevance of Social Isolation and Loneliness: Prevalence, Epidemiology, and Risk Factors, Public Policy & Aging Report, Volume 27, Issue 4, 2017, Pages 127-130

    3University of Minnesota, Taking Charge of Your Health & Well-Being, Why Is Life Purpose Important?

    Your dedicated account manager guides you from start to finish, including how to make the most of our full featured mobile app and social components to drive participation, engagement, and ultimate success.

    Less Stress Pricing

    (Inhale. Exhale. Repeat)

    Setup, account management, support $2595*
    4- or 6-week$18.72

    *1-time fee (per challenge).

    Less Stress Pricing

    (Inhale. Exhale. Repeat)

    Personalized Pricing

    *1-time fee (per challenge).

    Simplicity is Bliss

    Planning to implement 2 challenges within 12 months? Call 800.326.2317 and ask about our bundled challenge pricing. 1 invoice. 1 payment. Simple.

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