Right On the Money Financial Well-being program

Money mastery can be a mysterious, sometimes intimidating chore. Right On the Money removes the fear by making learning about finances fun, then inspiring simple steps to financial well-being.

2-Part Game

Right On the Money has 2 segments: the Money Round and Double Your Money Round, with up to 2 weeks to complete each. Along the way players earn virtual dollars by testing their knowledge on what they’ve learned. And like every captivating game, Right On the Money is full of surprises… with random chances to earn extra dollars when they least expect it.

Custom Experience

Players choose 5 money topics in each round (from a list of 18) most relevant to their life stage and interest. And all can play an installment called Loose Change — miscellaneous money topics important to everyone.

$1 Million Team Competition (Optional)

Players can form teams of 4 with the goal of earning a million virtual dollars. It makes an already rewarding Right On the Money experience that much more motivating as team members encourage and support each other on the way to more control in this essential well-being area.

Not Just Fun and Games

Right On the Money measures perceptions about finances and confidence in money matters at the start and end of the game. This demonstrates — for players as well as wellness and HR managers — progress… improved preparation to excel in their financial life today and into the future.

Launch Date: January 3, 2022

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