What is Get Fit on Route 66™?

A health improvement program designed to help participants get fit and have fun as they trace the famous route of this legendary highway — The Mother Road, Main Street of America, The Glory Road — from the shores of Lake Michigan to the Pacific Ocean.

How does it work?

For every minute participants exercise, they mark off 1 mile along the 2448-mile route — if they log 30 or more minutes a day, they earn a Route 66 road sign. With more than 40 physical activities to choose from, participants complete the program feeling more energetic — and with daily fitness as part of their lifestyle.

Who can participate?

Get Fit on Route 66 lets participants travel at their own pace, so it’s perfect for every fitness level. With so many activity selections, anyone can successfully navigate this road to better fitness.

What is the team competition?

The optional team competition is a friendly challenge that emphasizes consistency — the group that averages the highest number of Route 66 signs and daily exercise minutes wins. This fun, encouraging addition helps build camaraderie and enhance motivation, as participants not only contribute to their own success, but to their team’s as well.

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