Workplace (and Work From Home)
Wellness Campaigns for These Times

In mid-March we started receiving wellness manager calls to delay planned program launches. By the second week in April some of the same folks called back almost in a panic: How soon can we launch? By May 1, it was clear well-being campaigns were becoming the go-to tool for reconnecting employees to each other and — as many grateful participants put it in program evaluations — restore a sense of normalcy.

While all HES campaigns have been reviewed and adjusted (as appropriate) to align with CDC and WHO COVID-19 guidance, we highlight 4 particularly well-suited to the times.

Work of Art
Why It Works

With a focus on mindfulness, optimism, gratitude, and connection, Work of Art gives participants techniques to strengthen resilience and boost happiness. Launched on May 1, it’s been our most successful campaign rollout ever. Take a look at this early client’s results.

This was perfect for the situation we are all in right now.
Olivia Gonzales
UT San Antonio

Walktober Autumn Workplace Wellness Campaign
Why It Works

It’s simple. It gets everyone outside. And with more than a million participants in Walktober’s 18-year history, this fall campaign is proven to bring coworkers, friends, and family members together to strengthen relationships, while improving physical as well as emotional fitness.

I love Walktober… I’m more energetic and it allows me to
connect with others who also enjoy exercising.
Arleen Peters

Why It Works

Participants “paint” magical winter scenes from around the world ― revealing each location by recording healthy activities like moving more, choosing healthy foods, and showing gratitude. Ending a trying year on a positive, uplifting note gives everyone a sense of optimism and momentum for the new year.

Being involved with Health for the Holidays helped me focus on
gratitude, eating right and self-care. I loved this program!
Elizabeth Sherman
Frederick County Public Schools

Sustain Wellness Program Coming October 2020
Why It Works

The pandemic has heightened awareness of the human impact on our global environment and a growing interest in taking action. Sustain uses what we already know about behavior change to make sustainable living more appealing, convenient, and actionable.

Human well-being is tightly linked to the health of our planet.
Industry has a major role to play, but as individuals,
all doing our part, we can help move the needle.
Dean Witherspoon
Founder and CEO, HES

Explore our other campaigns as well as Elevate, a robust gateway to all of your organization’s wellness services.

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