Workplace (and Work From Home)
Wellness Campaigns for These Times

I love participating in these health programs and meeting new people. I felt so blessed to be part of a group of people who want the best for you.

Olivia Gonzalez
University of Texas System

While all HES campaigns inspire participants to better health, we highlight 4 particularly well suited to emerging from the pandemic with enhanced physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Renew Well-being Program
Why It Works

Renew is a program to reinvigorate the mind and body. It offers strategies for all aspects of well-being — physical, mental, social, and emotional. Participants have the flexibility to choose from 30 behaviors and focus on interest areas most meaningful to them, including increasing energy, creating calm, sharpening focus, pursuing purpose, and boosting happiness.

In the last few years — and now with Renew — you’ve really upped your game.
You are all so great to work with and we’re so glad we’re able to work together.
Dana Siverd, MPA

Why It Works

With a focus on mindfulness, optimism, gratitude, and connection, Work of Art gives participants techniques to strengthen resilience and boost happiness. Launched on May 1, it’s been our most successful campaign rollout ever. Take a look at this early client’s results.

The Work of Art program has been such an inspiring and thought provoking program
and I’m extremely happy I enrolled in it. The 10 minutes that I spend on it daily
resonates throughout the rest of the entire day for me!
Ravi Durbeej
City and County of San Francisco

Walktober Autumn Workplace Wellness Campaign
Why It Works

Fall is an ideal time for walking — summer temperatures give way to cool, crisp air and vivid autumn colors paint a landscape that invites us to get out and move. Walktober makes fall fitness even more appealing with fun, interactive tools to inspire stepping up to better health.

Walktober has always been a bright spot in the lives of our employees,
and this year was no exception. We were grateful to offer a program
that not only promoted health, but promoted engagement and
connection when employees across the globe are feeling
more isolated and detached than ever before.
Anna Threadcraft, RDN, LD
Delta Air Lines

Why It Works

The pandemic has heightened awareness of the human impact on our global environment and a growing interest in taking action. Sustain uses what we already know about behavior change to make sustainable living more appealing, convenient, and actionable.

Human well-being is tightly linked to the health of our planet.
Industry has a major role to play, but as individuals,
all doing our part, we can help move the needle.
Dean Witherspoon
Founder and CEO, HES

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