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    Money mastery can be intimidating for many. Right On the Money removes the fear by making learning about finances fun, then taking simple steps to get on the path to financial well-being.

    Learn by Playing

    Right On the Money is a 4-week financial education program wrapped in a fun game. In its 2 parts (each lasts 2 weeks) — Money Round and Double Your Money Round — players earn virtual dollars by completing categories they choose (from a list of 18).

    Educational and Entertaining

    Unlike most snooze-inducing web-based learning or personal finance books, this program takes advantage of captivating game elements and social support tools to help participants learn without having to slog through page after page of dry facts.

    Online or On the Go

    Participants can play the game on a computer or mobile device and go at their own pace as they gain financial knowledge and confidence.

    Friends and Teams

    To make Right On the Money even more engaging, there’s a Friends feature where participants can view each other’s progress to give and get support as well as an optional friendly team competition.

    Everyone Wins!

    Whether laying the foundation of a secure future, fine-tuning money decisions as retirement approaches, or somewhere in between, Right On the Money puts participants on the right path to financial well-being.

    Money Specialists

    Francis Investment Counsel‘s CFPs (Certified Financial Planners) have reviewed our Right On the Money content.

    Right On the Budget

    (It just makes cents)

    Setup, account management, support $2495*

    *1-time fee (per campaign).

    Right On the Budget

    (It just makes cents)

    *1-time fee (per campaign).

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