5 Ways to Keep Wellness Participants Engaged This Summer

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Program participation predictably drops off in June, July, and August — but it doesn’t have to. Plan now to keep more people engaged. How? Extended daylight and warmer weather bring out the kid in us. Piggyback onto summer’s allure with offerings that evoke joy and promote connection as well as healthy habits.

Sun Time, Fun Time

Make the most of summer programming with simple ways to help participants feel their best and stay on track:

  1. Run a physical activity challenge. Support your workforce in adopting a more active lifestyle with built-in motivation as they team up with coworkers and cheer each other on. Whether walking, fishing, or boogie-boarding, it’s easier and more appealing to get moving this time of year.
  2. Spark fond memories. Invite participants to swap stories about favorite warm-weather activities and adventures — like riding bikes, stargazing, or that time their tent was pitched on top of a sprinkler. Hold a contest for the most awkward family vacation photo or the funniest misadventure. Reminiscing gets people talking — strengthening ties by learning something new about each other and discovering shared experiences.
  3. Encourage active breaks. Reduce extended sitting and improve alertness by helping people move throughout their time at work. Encourage physically distanced group walks. Remote team members can walk “together” with check-ins and virtual high-fives. Other ideas include doing 10 squats, calf raises, or wall push-ups. These breaks enhance well-being while demonstrating how good it feels — and how simple it can be — to move more.
  4. Combine digital and analog. Supplement online well-being offerings with creative real life components that build excitement and nurture nostalgia. Have outdoor space? Bring in hula hoops, jump ropes, cornhole, and other backyard games. Hold a watermelon seed spitting contest or a water balloon toss.
  5. Elevate interest. Grab attention with giveaways that align with the season and reinforce consistent participation. Draw names for National Park passes or gift cards to outdoor rec retailers. Send out s’mores kits, complete with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. Give away passes that cover access to public pools, zoos, and parks.

Be creative; whether your population is onsite, hybrid, or remote and local, nationwide, or scattered across the globe, you can keep them tuned in to your summer well-being initiatives with activities like these. Tap into the sunny season’s natural appeal to keep people interested and reinforce habits that help them thrive all year.

Got a great summer wellness engagement idea? Please share in the comments below.

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