A friendly Colorful Choices competition around the hospital turned into a daily plan to create fruit- and veggie-filled meals. Midway through the team competition, I had more energy, slept soundly, and was clear-headed.”

This was a great way to stay connected with the CWRU community and see how some of my colleagues were doing. I think feeling healthy and seeing noticeable changes in my physical being made it easier to deal with the crisis.”

Coast to Coast

I was impressed and inspired.”

10K-A-Day wellness program logo

The challenge motivated me to stay healthy at a time of year when it’s so easy to mindlessly eat and put aside exercise because it’s too cold/dark/busy (or so I would often tell myself!).”

The cartoon was very funny; it kept me laughing. Lots of laughter is good for the soul. Can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.”

This program was really good for me. We went from an office environment of sharing candy and cookies to bringing each other fruit and motivating one another with healthier options.

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Sometimes when holiday stress would get to me, I would start to feel down, but the program would always help lift my spirit.

Logging steps and activity helped us create more fun adventure as a department. It started us on a journey, and we don’t plan to stop.

With Spring Into Motion’s tips, I’ve learned and experienced the difference between monitoring my health and living life with more energy.

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Work of Art really helped me during shelter in place… It has been a wonderful and engaging experience.”

Work of Art Emotional Well-Being Program

I absolutely loved this program. It gave me the motivation I needed. It was also a fun learning experience and now I have so many places on my list that I want to visit that I never thought of before.”

Coast to Coast

I was motivated and started truly working on my expenses and spending habits. My credit score went from the 500 to 600 average during the program! Great experience and look forward to doing it again!”

Before I ate cheeseburgers and fries or Mexican food for lunch — 5 days a week with limited exercise. Now I eat healthy lunches with daily exercise.

Right This Weigh Wellness Program Logo

I liked the variety of weekly themes and trivia — from animals to festivals and even gardening! Also, it was super easy to link my fitness tracker and log progress on the go!

Spring Into Motion Wellness Program Logo

It was wonderful to have something to encourage me to get outside during COVID-19 and walk my neighborhood. Just being outside twice per day during these uncertain times helped me mentally. Thanks Coast to Coast for helping me survive through COVID-19.”

Coast to Coast

Walktober brought out the I can do this in me to exercise every day and help my team stay on track. My body is more flexible, I have more energy, and I feel more balanced.

Walktober Wellness Program logo

I got some great father-daughter bonding time on our walks.”

10K-A-Day wellness program logo

Colorful Choices allowed me to reboot my taste buds, so now I crave healthy foods.

I love how gratitude activities are integrated to help us be mindful of our thoughts too!

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During Walktober, I was able to get this old body moving, and experienced a decrease in stiffness and shorter recovery times when I go to the gym.

Walktober Wellness Program logo

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