A Vote for Climate and Health

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Before COVID-19 swept the world, few Americans had heard about the 1918 pandemic (aka Spanish Flu). 100 years from now our grandchildren’s children will similarly view the current pandemic as a footnote in history.

Of exponentially greater significance is the climate crisis; there will be no vaccine for a world on fire. And while technological solutions may help mitigate damage we’re inflicting on the planet today, will it be too little, too late?

Individuals, communities, companies, and governments all have a duty and responsibility to leave our descendants a planet that’s as healthy as the one we inherited. Not trying to do so is short-sighted at best — light years beyond the entitlement displayed by unwillingness to wear masks, maintain physical distance, and avoid large indoor gatherings during a pandemic.

On November 3 America has a once every 4-year opportunity to decide who will lead our country, and by extension the direction we take as a nation on climate and health. Joe Biden’s stated climate plan is here. Candidate Trump hasn’t stated a plan as of this writing, but multiple actions in the last 3.5 years make the administration’s position clear.

But don’t stop there. Learn the viewpoint of those you’ll vote for down-ballot as well. Congressional, state, and local government candidates should all have clear goals and concrete plans. If they don’t, that’s an indication of their views on climate and health as well.

We have 1 planet. Vote like you care about the world your grandchildren’s children will live in.

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Dean WitherspoonDean Witherspoon
Chief collaborator, nudger, tinkerer; leads the most inventive team creating well-being and sustainable living programs. Reach out if you’d like to talk about employee well-being, emotional fitness, or eco-friendly living.

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  • Laurie Martens
    October 19, 2020 3:36 pm

    Well written article, Dean, you gave us much to think about. We all do need to do something to save our planet for our grandchildren. It has become more and more obvious with the change in weather patterns and horrific fires that our planet is suffering.


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