What is Feel Like a Million™?

This program uses a fun, interactive game show theme to inspire participant habits for feeling their best. By focusing on simple actions in 5 core areas — fitness, nutrition, balance, purpose, and potpourri (unrelated, yet important habits) — they experience how daily rituals contribute to improved energy, enhanced focus, and greater resilience.

How does it work?

The goal is to accumulate a virtual $1 million by practicing healthy habits — there are more than a dozen ways to earn dollars each day. As participants record daily activities (worth more or less, depending on degree of impact) and answer questions in a clever TIP$ game, their prize money adds up.

Who can participate?

Everyone! Some activities, like exercise and eating vegetables, allow participants to deposit money every day. Others, like writing a personal mission statement, they do just once. With multiple ways to work toward the goals, everyone can have success in Feel Like a Million.

What is the Millionaire’s Club?

The Millionaire’s Club is a friendly team competition that can help participants increase energy and decrease stress. Belonging to a group with similar goals provides more structure than practicing habits on their own — keeping them more accountable, offering emotional support, and producing synergy… best of all, it’s more fun!

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